Rumor: Xbox One Pre-orders Pretty Much Don't Exist In Japan, No Red Dead Redemption Remake For PS4/Xbox One

Xbox One vs PS4

Yesterday at Tokyo Game Show pre-conference, Sony announced some interesting games for Playstation Platforms "PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita", and this left fans wondering whether or not there's more to come from Sony?

Xbox One vs PS4

According to well known industry insider Shinobi602, Sony has many more surprising announcements in store for PlayStation fans at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

In a recent Twitter conversation with fans, Shinobi confirmed that more new game announcements are indeed coming to Tokyo Game Show 2014 and these will be from both first and third party developers.

However, he clarified that the list of games does not include "The Last Guardian". In addition to this, Shinobi602 also stated that pre-orders for Xbox One doesn't even exist for Microsoft's Xbox One in Japan.

When asked whether he has some details about Microsoft's plan for Tokyo Game Show 2014? Shinobi replied: 

Japan has been a tough market for Microsoft to crack with its Xbox console, and it seems like this won't going to change with Xbox One.

Shinobi602 also clarified that rumors of Red Dead Redemption coming to PS4, Xbox One are FALSE and Onimusha IP is surely dead.

As these details comes from an insider, take it with a massive grain of salt and consider it as rumors only. Tell us in the comment section below, what do you guys have to say about reports of "Xbox One Pre-orders Pretty Much Does Not Exist in Japan."

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