Crackdown 2 DLC Toy Box Bug Fix (Temporary)

Many Gamers who played the recently release DLC Toy Box of Crackdown 2 has reported many major issue. It has been official admitted also that both the free and paid version of DLC has many major bugs in it.

Here is the issue that many gamers reported:

  1. Stalling of Game on title Screen
  2. Unlocking of many achievements leads to achievements voiceover which goes on for a infinite loop time.
  3. Down of Frame Rate to an unplayable state and many more.

Gaz Liddon, Ruffian co-founder said in this regard "We have confirmation of what the issue is now. The paid part of the DLC was incorrectly configured when mastered".

He further adds, "What needs to happen is the correct configuration files get put on Marketplace and everyone who've paid for the DLC gets the update.", "How that will happen or when I don't currently know. It has to be quickly obviously."

Here is certain solution listed for gamers (Temporary Solution):

  • Delete Toybox DLC
  • Delete your profile (just the profile, not the items attached)
  • Recover your profile
  • Redownload DLC

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