Bioshock 2 new DLC 'The Lair of Minerva' available

2K launched the new Bioshock 2 DLC, the first comprehensive history of the game and is not intended for multiplayer.

Minerva’s Den” takes place in Rapture Central Computing, the most technologically advanced district of the underwater city.  The district is being overseen by the AI known as “The Thinker,” and it features a Rapture-like slant on the computer revolution. ”Minerva’s Den” will feature three new levels, complete with six Little Sisters and Big Sisters looking to stop you.

Players will be introduced to a new laser weapon called the “ion beam,” as well as a new plasmid called the “gravity well” that creates a mini-cyclone to knock enemies around. The DLC also includes several new enemies, including elemental splicers, and the Lancers, upgraded Big Daddies that want you dead.

"The Lair of Minerva" That's the name of this content for Bioshock 2 now available for download Xbox Live and PSN for $10, That's 800 Microsoft Points.

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