Sillent Hills/P.T Not A PS4 Exclusive, Will Arrive On Xbox One Also Hints Game Writer At TGS 2014

Silent Hills/P.T

It seems like the much talked about survival horror title from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, Silent Hills/P.T won't be PlayStation 4 exclusive but will also arrive on Xbox One.

Silent Hills/P.T

Hideo Kojima released the demo of Silent Hills/P.T only for PlayStation 4 and this lead to reports/rumors that the game is PlayStation 4 exclusive, but according to details shared by Silent Hills' Writer during Tokyo Game Show Live Streaming stated that technology of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offers them to do amazing things.

The details from the live stream event were translated by Twitter user JunkerHQNet. You can check out the tweet related to Silent Hills/P.T below:

Kojima also shared a petrifying brand new trailer of Silent Hills/P.T at Tokyo Game Show 2014, if you miss it, watch it below now:

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