Konami Working With Microsoft To Increase PES 2015 Xbox One 720p Resolution After Fan Backlash, 1080p or 900p?

PES 2015

PES European Brand Manager Adam Bhatti has issued an interesting update via Twitter about PES 2015 resolution-gate controversy between PS4 vs Xbox One. Bhatti has announced that Konami is now working with Microsoft to increase PES 2015 resolution on Xbox One. Yesterday, via game's official Japanese website, Konami revealed that PES 2015 on PS4 runs at native 1080p/60 FPS, whereas on Xbox One it runs at just 720p/60 FPS which is similar to PlayStation 3 version of the game.

PES 2015

Adam Bhatti tweeted:

It has been a roller-coster rider for Adam Bhatti since yesterday as he issued some weird clarification on why PES 2015 Xbox One resolution is less than PS4 and similar to PlayStation 3 version.

Bhatti clarified that gameplay was the main priority of development team behind PES 2015 and not the resolution, and added that although Xbox One/PS3 resolution is same 720p, it doesn't mean graphics/visuals will be the same.

He further added that 720p for PES 2015 Xbox One version is still high and there is no "Dramatic" difference and frame-rate is 60 FPS.

"why would sales be poor because of resolution? i'd buy a 480p football game if it was amazing! 1080p does not mean quality"

You can check out some more comments of Adam Bhatti here, he challenges players to compare Xbox One vs Xbox 360 version of the game and let him know if they look the same and many more things.

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