Destiny Xur Leak, Cryptarch Glitch Possibly reveals New Inventory Details: Rumor


Here is an exciting leak about Xur that will blow your heads off. Just a few moments ago on Reddit, a user R_Kelly69 has leaked the most exiting piece of information that has been available on Xur Agent of Nine for Destiny.

Check out the following image which shows the possible leaked inventory items.

Xur Destiny

Since this news is not officially confirmed, I would strictly suggest that you take it with a huge grain of salt and consider it as a rumor only.

Xur Agent of the Nine appears only on weekends at the Tower hub at 9:00 am every Friday and leaves at 9:00 am every Sunday. He also offers one-time use items, like items which increase the weapon progression speed for around half an hour for one strange coin or sparrow upgrades for thirteen strange coins. For those who are unaware of, he is an exotic and legendary item vendor and makes an appearance weekly.


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