Two New Last Story Characters Details Revealed

For sometimes now we haven't heard much about Nintendo's The Last Story, but if news coming out from the latest issue of Jump, two character has been added to the game.

The two new character are Jackal and Manamia. Here is the details of both the Character:

Jackal : "The intelligent, flirtatious mage." Jackal is a mage who has the ability to control ice. While he behaves in a flirtatious and easy-going manner, he's actually a thinker and cares for his allies. In battle, he's an all rounder who can use both magic and swords.

Manamia : "The user of recovery magic who loves the forest." Manamia is capable of using recovery magic. She has a mysterious air about her. There appears to be a secret surrounding her birth.

More official details about the two characters is expected to comes out soon from Nintendo side, So stay tune.

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