March 2010 NPD Sales : God of War III tops

March month has been a booming month for the gaming industry, as it saw the blockbuster and much awaited game title release and because of this the sales figure of overall game industry for this month increase to a whooping 6% to $1.44 billion. This increase involve the increase in the sales of gamehardware, accessories and others. March 2010 is the third best month in terms of revenue for the gaming industry, first two spot is occupied by March 2008 and June 2008.

The Detail information of the Sales in the Month of March 2010 is given below.

Console sale in March 2010 sorted by number of Unit sold:

  • DS: 700,800 units were sold.
  • Wii: 557,500 units were sold.
  • Xbox 360: 338,400 units were sold.
  • PlayStation 3: 313,900 units were sold.
  • PSP: 119,900 units were sold.
  • PlayStation 2: 118,300 units were sold.

The software sales of PlayStation 3 top the list in this category, the reason behing this figure is that out of top 10 game title , four title are for the PlayStation 3. The only concern for the gaming industry was the hardware sale which saw a drop of 4% in it sale.

Overall Sales figure of Gaming Industry:

  • Games Sales: $1.52 billion increase of 6%
  • Accessories Sales: $206.8 million increase of 11%
  • Software Sales: $875.3 million increase of 10%
  • Hardware Sales: $440 million decrease of 4%

Top 10 Game Title (Sort in terms of unit sold)

  1. God of War III (PlayStation 3): 1.1 million unit sold
  2. Pokemon Soulsilver (DS/Nintendo): 1.02 million sold
  3. Final Fantasy X111 (PlayStation 3): 828,200 unit sold
  4. Battle Field: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360): 825,500 unit sold
  5. Pokemon HeartGold (DS/Nintendo): 761,200 unit sold
  6. Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360): 493900 unit sold
  7. New Super Mario Bro (Wii/Nintendo): 457,500 unit sold
  8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PlayStation 3): 451,200 unit sold
  9. Wii Fit Plus: (Balance Board/Wii/Nintendo): 429,600 unit sold
  10. MLB 10: (PlayStation 3/SCEA/): 349,200 unit sold.

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