Silent Hill 8 Coming Out Next Year

Komani just a while ago announce that Silent Hill 8 will be coming out in 2011 on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game was announce at E3 but no release details were given at that time.

About Silent Hill 8:

Silent Hill 8 stays true to the franchise's original roots, offering another third person horror experience, and all-new spooky storyline.

The plot centres on a prison transport vehicle that careens off the road - leaving lone inmate Murphy Pendleton stranded in Silent Hill.

Gamers are promised mind-bending puzzles, as well as horrific creatures and otherworldly terrors - and will have to use everyday objects from wooden chairs to glass bottles to fend off their enemies.

Shinji Hirano, Konami President said, "In honouring the rich history and strong following of Silent Hill, we're working hard to build a next generation horror game that the fans truly deserve,"

"This Silent Hill introduces an all-new storyline and unique evolutions in gameplay, building on innovations and successes from over a decade of true survival horror and terror."

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