Forza Horizon 2 First Week Sales Figure on Xbox One/Xbox 360 Revealed, Xbox One Sales Saw 25% Growth

Forza Horizon 2

Our friend at VGChartz has just shared first week sales figure details of Forza Horizon 2. According to the details revealed, Forza Horizon 2 sold 366,457 units combined (i.e. Xbox One and Xbox 360 both). Most of the Forza Horizon 2 sales came on Xbox One where it sold impressive "265,969" units. On Xbox 360, it sold 100,488 units.

Forza Horizon 2

Furthermore, VGChartz states that nearly half of the sales of Forza Horizon 2 came in United States, "176,995" units were sold on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Forza Horizon 2 performance in European region was also pretty good as it sold 138,260 units.

Wait that's not all, during Forza Horizon 2's launch week, Xbox One sales also saw a growth 25 percent and sold 179,014 units.

Gamepur's Adam Butterworth awarded Forza Horizon 2 an excellent review score of 9/10 and said: "In a year where racing games are making a comeback I feel Forza horizon 2 is going to be a standout game for the genre. With so much content and a great looking world (If you're into the stats it's 1080 at 30fps) Over 200 cars and more coming with DLC its going to be an ever expanding racing game you just don't want to miss."


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