GTA Online PS4 Patch 1.02 Live Now, Fixes Vehicle Transfer Issue, Patch 1.18 (Size 68MB) Live Now On PS3

GTA Online

Rockstar Games has just released a brand new patch 1.18 for Grand Theft Auto Online. The update is now available for download on PlayStation 3 and it weighs 65MB in size, and we have not yet seen any report about the update going live for Xbox 360.

This is just a minor update and those who were expecting addition of "Heists", prepare to get disappointed as Rockstar Games has officially announced that Heists will be coming with in the next big GTA Online update. GTA Online patch 1.18 is just 65MB way too small update size even for last gen to be heists.

GTA Online PS3 Patch 1.18

In addition to this, Rockstar Games also released patch 1.02 for PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto Online. The details in the changelog states that it fixes nasty vehicle transfer issue (check out the screenshot below for confirmation). So folks who were worried about issues during PS3/Xbox 360 character, stats, vehicle and other transfer to PS4/Xbox One version, Rockstar Games has already fixed the issue.

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GTA Online Patch 1.02

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