Take-Two Boss Comments On GTA V Violence/Sexual Content Controversy: "This Is A Criminal Setting, It's Beautiful Art"


Grand Theft Auto franchise once again drawn controversy, and this time around it about sexual and violent content in Grand Theft Auto V. Take-Two Boss Strauss Zelnick has openly defended the violent and sexual content included in Grand Theft Auto V. Recently, Bloomberg TV asked Zelnick: whether it's true that in GTA V, players can have "S*# with Prosti$*#%" and then kill them? Zelnick replied that Grand Theft Auto V is a work of art and it can't always be pretty.

"This is a criminal setting; it's a gritty underworld; it is art," he said. "And I embrace that art. And it's beautiful art. But it is gritty." replied Zelnick.

He further went on to point that movies and television series also come with Violence and AdultSexual content

"Let's make no bones about the environment in which we operate," Zelnick explained. "And we stand shoulder to shoulder with other major motion picture releases, major television shows that explore a similar universe. So yeah, this is a tough universe because it's a criminal universe."

Furthermore, Zelnick stated that GTA V offers hundreds hours of gameplay and there is many more things to do for players apart from just killing "Prosti$*#%".

"There's hundreds of hours of gameplay [in GTA V]," Zelnick said. "People have been engaged with Grand Theft Auto Online for over a year and there are plenty of things to do. And it's an incredibly exciting environment. Can it be rough? Absolutely."

Grand Theft Auto V was launched in September 2013 for PS3 and Xbox One. It arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov 18, and is scheduled to launch on PC in January 2015.

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