GTA V Patch 1.03 Live Now On PS4, Size 1.14GB, "Game Breaking Bug, Removes Weapons & More Issue Reported"


Rockstar Games has just released a brand new patch 1.03 for Grand Theft Auto. The update is now available for download (confirmed platform PlayStation 4) and weighs 1.14 GB in size. Via, Rockstar Support Page, the developer stated that the patch will address intermittent connection errors for PS4 and Xbox One, but this doesn't seem to be the case, as players are reporting some Game Breakin Bug/Issues after installing GTA V Patch 1.03.

Reports coming out from Players on PS4 and GTA V sub-reddit states that after installing GTA V Patch 1.03, the game does not start and gives an error 20% load progress every time. This same issues is reported on GTA Online as well.

GTA V Patch 1.03 Live Now on PS4

Here is what Reddit user MrkGrn has to say:

"I was playing when i noticed the update. I went ahead and installed it and tried to go back to playing single player. I get an error around 20% load progress everytime. I tried online and the same thing happened. I had to delete my games install data and reinstall it. I haven't tried updating since in case theres a problem with the patch or if my internet messed up the download. So if anyone installed with no trouble let me know."

Furthermore, players are also reporting that all single-player weapons have been removed after installing GTA V Patch 1.03. Check out the image below shared by Reddit user Randiesell:

GTA V Weapon Removed

Another user stated that the patch has bricked his game and he can't even launch it without crashing, error code CE-34878-0.

DneroJohnson says:

"It f***ing bricked my game, can't even launch it without crashing now. What the hell? The error code was CE-34878-0, and yes I looked for solutions and did everything and it still crashes."

Have you downloaded an installed GTA V patch 1.03? Tell us in the comment section below what issue you guys are facing?

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