Twisted Metal Creator David Jaffe's New Game Will Be PS4 Exclusive, Reveal At PS Experience, "Not A Horror Title"


It seems like the God of War and Twisted Metal Creator David Jaffe will announce his brand new project for PlayStation 4 at upcoming PlayStation Experience event in December 2014. Earlier today, Sony released a brand new teaser video for PlayStation Experience event.

At 18 seconds in th video an URL is briefly showcased which points towards a teaser page on the website "The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency". For those who are unaware of, this is David Jaffe's new studio.

The teaser page on the website has the following video, it features Jaffe eating what appears to be porridge in a rather uncouth manner. The video might hint that a horror title is coming from David Jaffe, but the man himself has clarified via Twitter that this is not the case:

No details were shared regarding the platform at which this new title from David Jaffe will launch, but if image posted by Jaffe in February 2014 is anything to go by, the upcoming title will be PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Tell us in the comment section below what you guys are expecting next from David Jaffe?

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