No new releases for Geometry Wars

After becoming one of the most pleasant surprises of digital download services in recent years, many expect that Bizarre Creations will surprise us with a new release of Geometry Wars.

But it seems we have to wait more, it have been commented by their creators.

Geometry wars screenshot

Peter Collier, Bizarre, "It's just a great thing having titles that people love, that they associate with our studio -- and Geometry Wars is one of them. t's very close to a lot of fans' hearts. I guess it's just one of those things, that it's a great and very proud feeling having something that the fans adore so much, but we don't want to oversaturate it by carrying on with it. It's may be something that we keep as something we love, and move on to other things, you know?"

According to Mr. Collier went on to explain, "There's nothing on the current horizon, but we can't rule anything out.

As of now Bizarre Creations is working on James Bond: Blood Stone for PC, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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