GTA V PS4 Bug Completely Downgrades "Graphics/Visuals & Overall Presentation", Comparable To PS1/PS2 Era


Grand Theft Auto V looks marvelous on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rockstar Games worked really very hard to match the life in fictional Los Santos City to be as realistic as possible. For next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games redone the texture work across the entire game, highly detailed and improved characters models, 2X more draw distance as compared to last-gen port and many more things.


Reddit user "unrealmaniac" has discovered a pretty interesting bug/issue in Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 version which completely revamps graphics/visuals comparable to PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 era. Unrealmaniac shared the following image in PS4 sub-reddit with a title "I seem to have the ps2 version of GTA 5", and few others users confirmed via comment section of the thread that they faced this same issue.

When reddit user SoundCaster stated:

A reinstall of the game helped me fix this issue. Seemed that driving fast or doing anything at all would cause the game to stop for 5 seconds then the world would not render right for a bit..heck i was going through the roads a lot.

Unrealmaniac replied

 I don't think that's what caused it for me, I've finished the game and own faster cars and it's never happened before. the game froze a few seconds after this image and I had to go back to the ps4 menu and reload it.

This issue affects both digital and retail version of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 (no update yet on Xbox One version). Unrealmaniac was unable to capture the video footage of the error as the game crashed a few seconds after the issue occurred and the share button didn't work.

GTA V PS4 Bug Turns It To PS2 Era Game

Source:    Reddit

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