Hustle Kings gets Move & 3D support patch

Sony has released the 3D and Move patch 2.0 (53MB) for Hustle Kings, which will install automatically on next game start. You can now experience the game to a whole new way. Thanks to Move the game will now give even more realistic experience and will also feature  3D.

Hustle Kings screenshot

In addition, soon a new DLCs and additional stuffs are coming:

  • PlayStation Move support
  • Stereoscopic 3D support
  • UK 6FT table (with smaller, accurate balls)
  • Carom billiards (incredibly tactical)
  • Hardcore trickshot pack
  • Two US 8-Ball ball sets
  • Six UK Black Ball ball sets
  • Two very snazzy cues
  • Funky Hustle kings related PSN icons

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