Fans Reaction To Street Fighter V PS4 Exclusivity Deal, Hardly Any Outrage: "It's Clever & Sneaky, Hype Is Real" & More

Street Fighter V

Earlier today, Capcom stunned gaming community with an announcement of next installment in Street Fighter franchise (although accidentally), Street Fighter V exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PC. The nature of the exclusivity deal between Sony and Capcom for Street Fighter V is not yet know, we expect Sony and Capcom both to clear the air at PlayStation Experience event.

Street Fighter V

But how does internet react to this "PlayStation 4 Megaton Announcement", does the response/RAGE is similar to the one we saw at the announcement of Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One and Xbox 360 at E3 2014? It doesn't look like that as MOST USERS are appreciating the move from Sony and are calling it a response to the deal between Microsoft/Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics for the next installment in the franchise.

Here are some of the thoughts which are on this deal between Sony and Capcom. Tell us in the comment section below what you guys have to say about it? Check out comparison screenshot between Street Fighter V vs Street Fighter IV showcasing improvements in graphics, Ryu character model, lighting and more.

Reddit user Lairdom said:

For those who are claiming hypocrisy because we aren't outraged by a previous multiplat going exclusive remember this: It being exclusive doesn't affect PS4 owners, so our response is a lot milder than it was when Tomb Raider was announced. It still doesn't mean we approve it. I totally feel for any SF fan on the Xboxone. I have been there myself.

Here comes my personal favourite:

You guys can check out the more reactions here, as mention above most of them are in support of this deal.

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