Final Fantasy VII Announced For PS4, Not A Full Remake But Simple Port of PC Version, Debut Trailer Released

Final Fantasy VII

Another Megaton for PlayStation 4 announced at PlayStation Experience event? Square Enix has announced tha one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy VII is indeed heading to PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015. But wait, this isn't going to be a full Remake/Remaster but instead it will be simple port of PC version of Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4 i.e higher resolution, better graphics/visuals.

Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix showed a gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4. You can watch it below. The RPG genre was never really considered a mainstream or popular genre -- that is, until the release of Final Fantasy VII. Following the story of Cloud Strife, gamers were taking on a fantastical journey of over 40 hours worth of gameplay. The game continued the trend of using the series' staple turn-based battle system, complete with melee and elaborate magic attacks.

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