Capcom Announced Dead Rising 2: Case West Exclusive for Xbox 360

Just a while ago Capcom announce a new Dead Rising game title exclusive for Xbox 360. The game has been title as Dead Rising: Case West and it will be coming out on Xbox 360 soon.

The details reveal about Dead Rising: Case West are:

  • The story will take place after the event in Dead Rising 2
  • It will see the lead character from Dead Rising 1 (Frank West) teaming up with Dead Rising 2 main character (Chuck Greene).

Dead Rising, Dead Rising: Case West, Dead Rising: Case West for Xbox 360

Keiji Infane of Capcom said "I can't give you too many details, but it will involve Frank and Chuck working together,"

He further added, "Apologies to PS3 fans, but this too will be an Xbox 360 exclusive."

A confirmed release date for Dead Rising 2: Case West will be announce soon.

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