PlayStation Boss: DriveClub's Disastrous Launch On PS4 Didn't Damage Our Reputation, says "Getting Harder To Deliver Stuff"


DriveClub's launch on PlayStation 4 was no less than a disaster as gamers faced nasty connectivity and server issues. These DriveClub launchs issue came as a surprise to fans because Evolution Studios took an additional year on the development os DriveClub and still failed to deliver a smooth experience. Recently, PlayStation Europe Boss Jim Ryan issued another apology on DriveClub's troubled launch but added that it has not DAMAGED Sony's reputation.


Speaking to MCV (interview published in issue 816), Ryan said:

"We have to acknowledge that there have been problems and we're really sorry to anyone who has suffered from those issues. They shouldn't happen," Ryan told MCV, speaking about the technical issues faced by DriveClub and SingStar at each game's launch. "But in a world that's becoming more and more technically complicated, it's getting harder to deliver stuff. That's not an excuse, because you shouldn't really launch a game before it's ready. And clearly we've made mistakes and we apologise for that."

He further added:

"Has it dampened our momentum? No. Has it damaged our reputation? I don't think so. People understand that mistakes do get made so as long as you apologise and make them right. That's the main thing."

DriveClub was described as "Play Online With Friends" but game's online functionality crumbled at the launch and Evolution Studios was forced to disable many online features of the game and they also delayed the launch of free PlayStation Plus edition.

How many of you believe that DriveClub's disastrous launch didn't damage the reputation of Sony? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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