Destiny Available For Just $30 On Amazon Under Gold Box Deal of the Day Promotion


Bungie's Destiny was the biggest release of 2014, the hype surrounding the game was massive, right from its official announcement to launch day. The aggressive marketing campaign from Sony and some bold claims from both Bungie and Activision added up to the pressure to perform and re-write records in the FPS genre history book.


But Destiny failed to live up to all the hype and expectations, although it was not a BAD game but claims like "Destiny is going to be the next big thing in FPS genre" and many others were too big.

If you gave Destiny a skip in September 2014 and pledge to invest it only after a price drop, we are happy to inform you that the time has arrived. Destiny is now available for $29.99 for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 via AMAZON.

You can Buy Destiny For Just $30 from AMAZON. You can read our review here, it states "Destiny is a GOOD game" but not as"GREAT" as the hype was, since its announcement suggested and takes a look at some important points why Destiny fails to deliver.

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