Easy And Working Fix For Ongoing PSN Login Issues On PS4 Discovered

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network was down for three days (the downtime started on Christmas Eve) and the main reason behind it was DDoS attack from Notorious Hacker Group Lizard Squad. After three days of downtime, engineers at Sony managed to bring the service back online (still not live in all region yet, "services are gradually coming back online")

PlayStation Network

For those who still can't get back ONLINE, an interesting fix has been discovered by NeoGaf user 'k0ji-wd':

"Go into your Network settings, and change your MTU setting to 1473, leave everything else however you had it."

According to reports coming out from users on PS4 sub-Reddit, this fix has worked for most of them, here are some of the impressions:

holy s%$# it worked, playing gta online edit: make sure to restart ps4 after changing MTU to 1473

Worked after second try! You can play all games on primary and secondary account if you gameshare

Worked a treat. Failed at the test internet stage but I was able to sign in manually still

It let me log in but I can't view the store or play any games online. I can see my trophies friends and messages!

Try this out folks, and let us know in the comment section below whether it worked for you our not.

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