Spencer: "2015 Could Be One To Remember For Xbox One, Working On Long Install Time Issue, GoW XOne Bundle Fake"

Xbox One

At PlayStation Experience event, Sony showcased to the gaming community a short but sweet glimpse of what's coming to PlayStation Platforms (PS4, PS Vita and PS3) in 2015, whereas on the other side Microsoft didn't attended even the event such as The Game Awards 2015 to showcase their Xbox One line-up for 2015.

Xbox One

Recently, via Twitter, Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer assured Xbox Community said that 2015 "could be one to remember for a while".

"Yea from all that seems to be coming in 2015 (from us and others) looks like 2015 could be one to remember for awhile." tweeted Spencer.

He also talked about "revisiting Perfect Dark" at some point in future.

When asked: "Joanna Dark, will she ever return?" Spencer replied: "ever" is a long time, I think we'd want to revisit PD at some point.

Additionally, Spencer also talked about "improvement in installation time for games" on Xbox One. He stated that Xbox Team is very aware of the problem and more work needs to be done on the disc layout tools to make improvements.

"Talked to team about times this week. Most games are == but we need to do more work on disc layout tools to help devs."

Also, Spencer debunked "Gears of War Collection" Xbox One Bundle Coming In 2015 Rumor" as FAKE. He clarified that nothing about Gears of War Collection or a special Xbox One bundle announcement was made from his or Microsoft's side.

Sadly, Spencer didn't comment on "Crackdown Release Date Is 2015 and New Banjo-Kazooie game"

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