ThatGameCompany Shares Update On Journey PS4 Version: "Early Build Does The Game Justice For PS4"

ThatGameCompany's Journey was one of the best title to launch on PlayStation 3. It was very well received by both gaming community and critics. The game managed to win numerous Game of the Year Awards and nominations. So, it was pretty obvious that Sony wanted PlayStation 4 gamers to experience Journey and made an official announcement in this regard way back in August 2014.

Journey PS4 Screenshot

Sadly, we haven't heard any update about Journey PlayStation 4 version (in fact the game failed to make an appearance at couple of the big gaming events: PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards 2014).

Last Night, Jenova Chen, President and Creative Director of ThatGameCompany posted an update on PlayStation 4 port of Journey. Chen clarified that they are not involved in the development of Journey for PlayStation 4 but added Santa Monica and Tricky Pixels are working to port Journey to PS4.

Chen further added that he saw an early build of Journey and it does justice for PlayStation 4. You can check out full quote of Chen below:

"I really wish I knew when the Journey PS4 release is coming out, and be able to tell you guys. Sony Santa Monica is working diligently with developers Tricky Pixels to port Journey to PS4, and we get updates from time to time.

The early versions I saw does the game justice for PS4, and I'm sure you guys will be happy when it comes out, I can at least say that. "

So PlayStation folks, it seems like it may be later rather than sooner.

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