Destiny: House of Wolves DLC Detailed Leaked: Massive List of Weapons, Armor, Ships, Loot & More


Destiny players are still enjoying their time with The Dark Below DLC content. It was released in December 2014, which means just a month has passed since its launch and details about follow-up DLC titled as "House of Wolves" has been leaked.


According to details (coming out from a so called presentation slide from Activision's internal meeting), Destiny: House of Wolves DLC will launch on March 10, 2015. The image first appeared on "4Chan" [Page Deleted], and it shows Weapons, Ships, Armor, Loot, Mission and ton of more content that will feature in the DLC.

You can check out the image below, click to view in full resolution. Whether Legit of Fake, we leave it on you to decide. Destiny players like me will definitely want this leak to be Legit, because it mentions "Hardcore Crucible."

destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-detail-1.jpg destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-detail-2.jpg destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-detail-3.jpg destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-detail-5.jpg  destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-detail-6.jpg destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-detail-4.jpg

What do you guys think about the image? Tell us in the comment section below.

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