Spencer Stands By His Previous Statement: "DX12 Won't Bring Dramatic Performance Improvement To Xbox One Games"

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DirectX 12 has become one of the hottest topic of discussion ever since Microsoft shared some more updates/details at recently concluded Windows 10 event. At the event, Phil Spencer Xbox Division Boss stated that DirectX 12 will improve graphics performance by 50% as compared to its predecessor DirectX 11. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg added that their upcoming API tech will have substantial effect on both Xbox One and PC, provided developer make use of it properly.

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This statement of Aaron contradicted statement made by Phil Spencer way back in June 2014: "It will help developers on Xbox One. It's not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs,"

Phil Spencer via Twitter has issued a clarification on his June 2014 statement on DirectX 12 benefits on Xbox One. Spencer stated that he still stands by his statement made in June 2014, benefits of DX12 will depend on game by game basis, and it is difficult to make one statement about impact of DX12.

Spencer Statement on DX12 Impact On Xbox One Games

"Yea, really on a game by game basis, difficult to make one statements about impact of DX12, depends on where the bottlenecks are."

Spencer further went on to promise that Microsoft will share more updates on features of DirectX 12 on Xbox One (whether it just support the API or uses every single feature of it) in coming days. When asked: "Ppl are interpreting this as "XB1 just supports DX12", but will it support every single feature of DX12?"

Spencer replied: "We'll give more detail on this so people understand the specifics."

Lastly, Spencer made a statement which will definitely excite Xbox Community. When asked by a fan: "If DX12 requires new hardware for all tweaks to be present how will the X1 have full DX12? Care to elaborate?"

Spencer replied: "We knew what DX12 was doing when we built Xbox One."

This means right from the beginning Microsoft was aware of what they were doing. Now, we just can't wait to see ScaleBound, Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 performance of Xbox One.

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