Sony Files Trademark For "Resistance", Resistance 4 Already In Development For PS4, Announcement At E3 2015?

Resistance 4

Prepare yourself PlayStation fans as Resistance franchise might make a return to Sony's PlayStation 4. Earlier today, Sony filed a trademark claim/application for "Resistance", the series which was previously developed by Sony's long time partner, Insomniac Games (now a third party developer). Insomniac Games decided to let go off the Resistance franchise after poor performance of Resistance 3 (launched on PlayStation 3) and Resistance: Burning Skies (launched on PlayStation Vita), and stated that any future installment in the franchise will come from another developer.

Resistance 4

So, could this new trademark claim is for Resistance 4 for PlayStation 4? If you can recollect properly, Resistance series has featured in many PlayStation adverts, which means Sony is still keen on Resistance games.

Now, we just have to wait for an official announcement from Sony, whether a remaster package like "Resistance Collection" is in development or Resistance 4 for PlayStation 4. E3 2015 is the place we might find an answer to this question.

Trade mark information

Filing number: 013679881
Basis: CTM
Date of receipt: 26/01/2015
Type: Word
Nice classes: 9, 28, 41 ( Nice Classification )
Vienna Classification
Filing date: 26/01/2015
Registration date
Expiry date
Designation date
Filing language: English
Second language: French
Application reference: AWP/LDP/T138536EM00
Trade mark status: Application under examination
Acquired distinctiveness: No

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