Dying Light Patch 1.2.1 Live Now On PC, Size 14MB, Fixes Weapon Duplicate Glitch, FOV Issues and More

Dying Light

Techland has just released a brand new patch for PC version of their recently released survival horror game, Dying Light. The update weighs just 13.6MB and addresses some of the issues players were facing with game's optimization. You can check out the full changelog of the update below.

Dying Light

  • numerous performance optimizations, both general and configuration-specific, that resolve many performance problems
  • compatibility fixes – related to language and regional system settings
  • fixes a number of crashes in various situations
  • blocked cheating by changing game's data files
  • new issue tracking mechanisms (-safemode switch, additional logs, minidumps always, full dumps on request)
  • numerous audio compatibility fixes

Bug fixing:

  • resolved disappearing inventory in a save game in specific circumstances
  • resolved blocked using of items after breaking reloading of shooting weapon
  • removed weapon duplication glitch of throwable weapons
  • limited camera field of view on cutscenes when in-game FOV set to other than default
  • lowered frequency of docket availability information

In addition to this, Techland also listed out features that they are working on, and hopefully which will be fixed via future patch:

performance issues of systems based on the AMD processor
freezes when using Nvidia DoF
unsatisfactory performance on multi-GPU systems

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