The Order: 1886: City & Lycans Screens Were Not Concept Art, Lycans Transformation In Real-Time, Not Pre-Rendered

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 from Ready At Dawn is one of the first big PlayStation 4 release of 2015. The development work on the game is already complete, and it has achieved GOLD status. Recently, Ready At Dawn showcased The Order: 1886 (final build) at Taipei Game Show 2015, and via Neogaf (today) "OneLetter" (developer/Community Manager at RAD) has shared some interesting new details.

The Order: 1886

"OneLetter" clarified that the City level and Lycan screenshots that were showcased at Taipei Game Show was in-game. If you missed out the screenshots, you can take a look at them below, along with few other ones.

In addition to this, OneLetter stated that the transformation of Lycans in The Order: 1886 will take place in real-time, not pre-rendered.

"I can confirm this is not concept art, and is from in-game. Same for the Lycan. Also, the transformation of the Lycans are real-time, not pre-rendered."

The final build of The Order: 1886 definitely looks gorgeous. The only concern PlayStation fans have regarding the game is: whether it offers any replayability value? its a Single-player only game with no multiplayer, and the length is said to be around 8-10 hours (10-12 hours) if players decides to go for everything.


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