New Dying Light Exploit Discovered For Item/Weapon Duplication, Works Post Patch 1.2.1

Dying Light

The latest patch for Techland's Dead Island removed the item duplication and unlimited money glitch, but players have already discovered brand new trick about how to duplicate item in Dying Light, we have cross checked and this new glitch works post patch 1.2.1. Below you can find a video guide as well as text guide for the same.

Dying Light

Step 1:
Open inventory. Drop Any item that as a number beside it for example: throwing knives, Molotov and other items.

Step 2:
Highlight the item you drop. You are going to drop it by making use of Right Stick, just make sure that the moment you drop the item i.e push the right stick, push the circle button and exit the MENU. if you did the procedure correctly then you will be greeted with a message: "how many items would you like to drop" will appear on Screen.

Step 3:
Now wait for this message to disappear. Now, take the item/weapon you want to duplicate and throw it. Before it lands, open MENU again

Step 4:
Your menu will still have the message "how many do you want to drop" on the screen, but here you will be able to move the stick to select your weapon that you want to duplicate drop it from your inventory.

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