Jaw Dropping The Order: 1886 New Screens Released, Black Border Smaller Than The Evil Within: Early Player

The Order: 1886

The hype surrounding the release of Ready At Dawn's PlayStation 4 is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. Just few weeks time is left for the launch of The Order: 1886, exact release date is February 20, and to move the hype surrounding The Order: 1886 to its peek, Sony has released six Jaw Dropping in-game direct feed screenshots.

The Order: 1886

I have mention these screenshots as "Direct Feed", it means these are real thing captured directly from PlayStation 4, and it looks damn stunning and spectacular. Ready At Dawn has indeed set a new benchmark for in-game graphics/visuals. Can't imagine, what Naughty Dog have in store for PlayStation fans this Holiday Season. If there is one game that can beat this benchmark of Ready At Dawn's its Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

In another news, Reddit user "mlp_buttonmash" recently played The Order: 1886 demo and has shared some interesting information about "Black Border". The Black Border in The Order: 1886 is smaller than what The Evil Within in comparison, and this is a good thing for PlayStation 4 gamers.

"I got to play a section of The Order 1886 (the blimp section), the black border seems smaller than what the Evil Within has in comparison, which is good." said mlp_buttonmash.

He also shared his views on graphics and animation, and blending of cut-scenes and gameplay:

"Graphics are extreme eye candy, fluid animation of movement, gun swapping etc, there were times I didn't realize a cut scene had finished, they blend that well with the gameplay. Everything fit well in the steam punk London setting."

About Gameplay, mlp_buttonmash said:

"Gameplay, think Gears of Wars duck, cover, shoot system, but much smoother animation. The guns all have a nice impact and enemies try an flank you. I had one circle around behind me when I wasn't looking."


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