Sony To Charge For PS3 PlayTV update

Sony has just announce that many new features is will be making its way on to PlayTV Service and they also confirmed that this new features will not be available to the user free of cost.

PlayTV, Sony'Play TV, Play TV Update

James Thorpe, PSN Product Manager said that the new update for PlayTV will be available on PS Store at a reasonable price.

Here is a short details about what the upcoming update have in store:

  • Addition of Chat TV: Allows users to have a text chat with friends that too while watching TV.
  • Premium Program Guide: Allow user to make their TV viewing plan a week in advance
  • Series Link (Exclusive for UK user)
  • Social Network Integration will now be able to receive tweaks, User willl now be able to send as many recommendation to their Facebook and PSN friens
  • Access to Community Features: Allows user to see have a look at what their friends and PSN Community are watching.

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