DirectX 12 are coming: should we expect a revolution in terms of performances on Xbox One?

Xbox One

The latest benchmark shows way better frame-rate and let us dream for the future of the console. Here we go again. After the claims about the resolution and overall graphics quality of many multi-platform titles, Xbox One supporters have new material to discuss thanks to the latest Anandtech analysis, which you can read from link provided below.

Xbox One

The popular website has studied even deeper the impact of the DirectX 12 on Microsoft's console, assembling a gaming computer with similar specs and using the benchmark Star Swarm. The results look pretty impressive on this Xbox One-like hardware, since the performances went from 13fps to 39fps in comparison with DirectX 11.

What we are still wondering is whether we should expect a great change in performances or not, and where. In my opinion, gamers should be waiting for the arrival and the mass distribution of the DirectX 12 mainly for two reasons: they could be a new, helpful tool for the third-party developers to reach the milestones set (usually 1080p and 30 or 60fps) and would quite surely increase the performances with first-party titles, aka exclusives.

I don't think we as users will ever notice the impact of this incoming innovation, but is easy to state that we won't hear claims about 900p or frame rate-based issues on Xbox One anymore. Games like 2016's Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed should be expected to run in Full-HD, allowing us all to forget the word “Resolutiongate”, while first-party games such as Sunset Overdrive won't be forced to renounce to 1080p or anti-aliasing in order to get colorful and surprising enough visual effects.

Would this enough for your tastes? Let us know in the comments section.

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