Phantom Dust Reboot For Xbox One: Dev Shuts Down, Development Will Continue, More Details Incoming says Microsoft

Phantom Dust Reboot For Xbox One

Darkside Games, the developer behind Phantom Dust reboot for Xbox One, has closed down and laid all staff as Microsoft cuts off all ties with it. What about the reboot of Phantom Dust for Xbox One now? Microsoft has assured the development will continue and more details on it will be announced in coming days.

Phantom Dust Reboot For Xbox One

A Microsoft representative via GameSpot announced:

"Microsoft partnered with Darkside Game Studios in the development of Phantom Dust, but our working relationship has now ended. We have great respect for their studio and their work in the industry."

"While we do not have anything new to share on Phantom Dust at this time, we can confirm that development of the title continues. We look forward to sharing more details on the game as we get closer to release"

Details regarding which new studio will continue the development and how this change of hands will affect the game's release has not been clarified by Microsoft. We expect to hear official announcement from them soon.

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