The Order: 1886 Sequel (The Order: 1887) "Certainly Won't Take 3 Years, Main Focus Is Gameplay System": Insider

The Order: 1886

Ready At Dawn's PlayStation 4, The Order: 1886, arrived at retail shelves last week, and with respect to sales the game is doing really well (Today's UK Chart Reports: The Order: 1886 takes number one spot). However, The Order: 1886 had less than stellar critical reception (review score going as low as 4, average MetaCritic score is less than 7 at the moment). The ending of The Order: 1886 definitely teased a sequel (The Order: 1887, the tentative title which will be used by media in coming days), and well known industry insider via Neogaf, shared some interesting details about it.

The Order: 1886

In a thread on NeoGaf, Shinobi602 talked about current status of Ready At Dawn and how engineers carried out their work on The Order: 1886:

"They're about 120-130 employees there. Not exactly small, but not huge either. From the conversations I've had, they spent a huge amount of time perfecting the engine for this initial instalment. Time constraints came into play, goals slashed, but that's not really uncommon in development."

"However, what has me most excited is that the main focus in a possible sequel are the gameplay systems. That's what was stated to me. The engine is in place and they're free to put all their efforts into gameplay design. And they want to do this, it isn't a result of any backlash over The Order's design, they as a team want that. By no means do they think the game's perfect as it is."

Later on Shinobi602 clarified that, no way he meant that The Order: 1886 is "greenlit" but can assure PlayStation fans that it won't take "THREE" years time period.

"I wasn't saying that a sequel's already greenlit, but I can tell you it certainly won't take 3 years." said Shinobi602.

As these details are coming from insider sources, take it with grain of salt and consider it as rumor only. It will be interesting to see what would have been the real vision of Ready At Dawn for The Order: 1886. Now that everything is perfectly placed for them: "Engine, Setting, Storyline", we can't wait to hear more about the next chapter of Galahad's adventure.

Tell us in the comment section below, what are you guys expecting to see in the sequel of The Order: 1886?

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