Microsoft's Fable Legends is a Free to Play Game, Confirms Dev

Fable Legends

Microsoft's Fable Legends is confirmed to be a free to play game. Gamers have a certain level of prejudice in their minds about free to play games, if something is being offered for free, it is not valuable. Is this really the case with Fable Legends? 

Fable Legends

Being a free to play game is not making it easy in terms of gameplay. At launch Fable Legends will have four different heroes for free. These hero's will be present only for two weeks, after which they will replaced by another set of heroes. Rotations will continue in this manner.

But a free game does not completely rule out the use of real money, if you wish you can make in-game purchases to unclock various perks. The final cost of each item is yet to be finalized.

Game Director David Eckelberry in an interview to Eurogamer voiced his thoughts about Fable Legends being a free to play game:

I imagine there's going to be a mixed reaction. There are players out there who don't like free-to-play, and I get that. it's got a mixed reputation. There have been games that are respectful and fair, and there have been things that aren't. I can't blame people for having a mixed reaction to that.

What is your opinion? Would you give up on Fable Legends because it will be free to play or is it the other way round?

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