Battlefield: Hardline Runs At 900p On PS4, 720p On Xbox One, ResolutionGate Is Here To Stay With Battlefield Franchise

Battlefield: Hardline

Its seems like PS4 vs Xbox One Resolution Gate controversy is here to stay for a long time. Today, Visceral Games via Twitter has officially announced that Battlefield: Hardline on PlayStation 4 will run at 900p, and on Xbox One it will run at 720p.

Battlefield: Hardline

When asked about: "what resolution will battlefield hardline be on Xbox One and PS4?" Visceral replied: "720 on Xbox One, 900 on PS4".

This means PC edition will be the best, followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (in terms of graphics/visuals). Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled to launch on March 17, 2015 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Battlefield Hardline is the name of the first title in the Battlefield first-person shooter franchise designed by Visceral Games. This time, the focused is on the inner-city battles between cops and criminals.

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