Insider: Big PS2 Era IP To Arrive Exclusively On PS4 Soon, Production Work Started In Mar 2015, Jak and Daxter For PS4?


Sony's PlayStation 4 had a dull Holiday Season 2014 and as a result of it Xbox One made one of the most impressive comeback all thanks to some good Xbox One deals and exclusive line-up.

Is 2015 and coming years going to be the same? It seems like Sony is in no mood to leave the competition and has already started Production work on a long awaited IP from PS2 era for PlayStation 4, according to details shared by well known industry insider Tidux.


Tidux further added that this unannounced PS4 exclusive is not just another PS2 title from the Era but a "Big" title. Tidux tweeted:

"Production on a long awaited IP from #PS2 era, started this month exclusive to #PS4 #cantfukkinwait #greatnessawaits"

When asked: "Is it a popular IP from PS2 era or one that was unknown?" Tidux replied: "big"

Take this information with a grain of salt and consider it as rumor only as this does not come from an official source. Last month, Tidux stated that Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division will run at lower resolution on Xbox One as compared to PS4, and this was officially confirmed by Ubisoft in Feb 2015.

Any guesses, what this "long awaited IP from PS2 era" for PS4 could be? Tell us in the comment section below, what do you guys think.


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