Crysis Trilogy Remastered or Crysis 2: Remastered Is Coming To PS4, Player Caught Live Streaming Crysis 2 On PS4

Crysis Trilogy Remastered Coming To PS4

It seems like Crysis 2 Remastered or Crysis Trilogy HD Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4. NeoGaf user 'Madmackem" recently discovered/caught someone livestreaming Crysis 2 on PlayStation 4, but when asked for update and more details about it the user "Juks_us" canceled the live stream.

Crysis Trilogy Remastered Coming To PS4

Madmackem said: " Friend seen this on live from play station, the bloke had been streaming bloodborne last week too. When asked where he got it he ended the stream, up coming hd remaster?." He shared the following image as a proof.

Crysis 2 Remastered

For those who are linking this livestreaming session of Crysis 2 on PS4, i would like to clarify that Crysis 2 is still not available on PlayStation Now, at least for now. If Crysis 2 Remastered in coming to PlayStation 4, it is safe to place a bet on entire collection Remastered for PlayStation 4 is in the development and possibly for Xbox One as well.

Crysis series is very popular on PC and it is termed as one of the most demanding PC game of all time, whereas on PS3 and Xbox 360, Crytek failed to match the visuals and graphics. So, a Crysis Trilogy Remastered at 1080p/60FPS on PS4 does make lot of sense.

How many of you would buy Crysis Trilogy Remastered at 1080p/60FPS on PS4? Tell us in the comment section below.

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