Dev: Bloodborne PS4 Server Will Be Down For Maintenance Every Wednesday, Online Modes Will Be Unavailable


PlayStation 4 Exclusive Bloodborne has finally arrived on retail shelves in North America. The game comes with an extensive set of online gameplay modes, and so regular maintenance of servers has to be the top priority of development team at From Software. An interesting piece of information has appeared in-game related to the maintenance of Bloodborne servers.


From Software states that Bloodborne servers will be down for regular maintenance for three hours ever Wednesday, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. You can check out the screenshot of the in-game announcement from Sony and From Software below.

Bloodborne Server Maintenance In-game Announcement

Our review of Bloodborne will go live tomorrow, in the mean time you can read the Verdict of Edge magazine on Bloodborne here. The publication played whooping 40 hours of Bloodborne and has this to say about it: "Bloodborne Has Never Seen Before Brutality, From Software Has Done It All Over Again"

Did you buy Bloodborne? Tell us in the comment section below, did it live up to the hype and expectations?

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