GTA V Patch 1.09 Available For Download On PS4 and XOne, Changelog: Minor Fixes In GTA Online & Story Mode & More


Rockstar Games has quietly released new Grand Theft Auto V Patch 1.09 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch is now live worldwide, size is around 4.7GB. According to reports we have received from some GTA V players, this 4.7GB size of GTA V Patch 1.09 is actually full patch size, and players should only download the data which is required for this new patch.


The official changelog states that Grand Theft Auto V Patch 1.09 carries fix for some nasty issues and glitches, improves stability and many more things. The changelog reads:

Additional fixes for GTA Online to improve stability, and other minor fixes for both GTA Online and Story Mode.

GTA V Patch 1.09 Changelog

Have you downloaded GTA V Patch 1.09 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Do let us know any other hidden changes you observe after installing it.

Earlier today a graphics comparison video appeared on YouTube of GTA V PS4/Xbox One Patch 1.00 vs 1.08, you can check it out here, and tell us in the comment section below: whether the graphics was downgraded in GTA V?

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