PS4 Firmware 2.50 Hidden Feature, Fix For Bloodborne Corrupt Save Game File Bug & Other Issues Revealed


Earlier this week, Sony released the much awaited PlayStation 4 firmware 2.50, which added ton of exciting fan requested features such as "Suspend/Resume, HDD Restore & Back-up" and many more. There was one hidden feature added by Sony to PlayStation 4 via Firmware 2.50, its an ability to PS4 owners to pass chat audio from other players through their TV.


This means, PS4 owners can listen to other players' chatter via TV or any other connected Sound System.

Now coming to the negative side of PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.50, many PlayStation 4 owners after installing firmware 2.50 are reporting their console refuses to start after the installation process of the firmware is complete. Sony has announced that they are aware of the issue and fix will be available soon.

Also, some PlayStation 4 owners reporting that after PS4 firmware 2.50 installation, their microphone has stopped working completely.

Last but not the least: Numerous Bloodborne players are reporting that their game save's files have been corrupted after installing firmware 2.50. Thankfully, a temporary workaround has been discovered about Bloodborne PS4 Corrupt Save Game File issue. Start a new game in Bloodborne, and quit after you are through with the character creation process. Now go back to the main menu and load your previous save game.

Did you face any issue with PlayStation 4 firmware 2.50? Share it will us in the comment section below.

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