Games in future will be free, according to THQ

What would be your reaction if told that in future video game will be free of cost. According to THQ, price of video game in near future will going to see a huge downfall (can even go free) as many game publisher can release less amount of content on disc.

Brain Farrell

Gamers will than be given an option of getting the extra content for the game at a price of nearly $100.

Here is the details of what Brain Farrell said At Goldman Sachs Communapia Conference:

"In the past, we've seen that we bring the game out at $59.99 and it does reasonably well - around one million, or one million-and-a-half units.

"When we lower the price to a mass market price the thing really jumps... So what we're doing this time is we're coming out initially with a smaller game at a lower price point - the $29 to $39 range.

"We're then doing a download model for different modes, different tracks, different vehicles. It's what we call a hybrid - it's a bit of the microtransaction and DLC model.

"It does a couple of things: I'm a big believer in monetising under the curve, so we capture that $29 to $39 user no matter what, and a person that wants to spend $100 on the product can do so as well.

"I think that's the future of gaming - whether it's this model or a take on the free-to-play model. It's where our industry is going and this is a very, very interesting experiment with one of our key brands."

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