New Bloodborne Unlimited Blood Echoes Glitch Discovered, Works Post Patch 1.02, Full Details Revealed


With Bloodborne Patch 1.02, From Software patched the glitch that gave players Ulimited Blood Echoes (over 20K Souls In 60 Minutes). In Bloodborne, players can buy items, upgrade their weapons and do lot of other things with these Blood Echoes, in short Blood Echoes are Souls of Bloodborne.


Fortunately for players yet another Bloodborne Unlimited Blood Echoes Glitch has been discovered and guess what it works post patch 1.02. You can watch the video guide detailing the working of this new Bloodborne Unlimited Blood Echoes Glitch below.

The creator of the video states:

"Glitch that gets you thousands of blood echos in seconds.(Dogs might have to be in the cages, don't know how they get to stay that way they have never came out in my game. Friend said his were out and it wouldn't work) this works in my game every time i try to do it but it could just be something with my save where i did or didn't do something that's also triggering it so let me know if it works for you in the comments.

REMEMBER TO KILL THE DOGS IN THE CAGES. I tried not killing them and it didn't work. I also tried to kill one of those huge things in the cave instead of the dogs and that didn't work either."

Do let us know in the comment section below whether it worked for you or not?

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