Bloodborne PS4 First Week Sales Figure For Japan Revealed, Great Performance But Not Terrific


From Software's Bloodborne tasted massive success in Europe and North America, however there were some question mark on game's reception in Japan. Media Create Charts has shared the first week sales figure details of PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, its whooping 152,567 copies sold.


The details shared by Media Create Charts for this week was dominated by PlayStation exclusive games but Theatrhythm Dragon Quest for 3DS made its presence felt by selling over 76K units in its first week.

Other Games Sales figure data are provided below:

  • Sword Art Online: Lost Song: 139,298 units on the PS Vita and 55,090 units on the PS3
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 sold 97,362 units on PS3, 54,308 units on the PS Vita and 46,693 units on the PS4.

For Bloodborne, over 152K sales figure in first week is a good start but can't be said terrific because a much better performance was expected of it not only by fans but by Sony and From Software.

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