PS4 Player Completes Bloodborne Without Leveling Up With Waste of Skin Class, Unbelievable But True


There is no place for mistakes (even the silly ones) in PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, and if you commit one you will be punished hard, and this is the best part of From Software's games. To make your survival easier in Bloodborne, you need to hone your skills, level-up your character to get the capability to take the damage and handle some advanced and deadly weapons.


Once PlayStation 4 gamer took a completely different route to beat From Software's Bloodborne i.e. complete the game without leveling up once. You can watch the video below for confirmation.

The thing worth noting is this player started with Waste of Skin class, which starts a player at underpowered Level 4. In Bloodborne, other classes start at Level 10 (standard). What does this mean? this PS4 gamer was underpowered to even begin with Bloodborne.

We have just included some of the playthroughs of this PS4 player, you can visit his channel "BOYvsVIDEOGAME" for entire walkthrough:

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