Bloodborne Title Screen Secret Message "Will Blessed With Child" Is A Hint About Bloodborne 2?


PS4 exclusive Bloodborne's main title menu has a secret message which hints towards a sequel "Bloodborne 2". This secret message occurs only when PlayStation 4 player try to change the language setting to "French" from the title menu.


As soon as the language is changed, at the top right corner a message is displayed "Updating Save Data" which then further changes to "will be blessed with child". You can check out before and after screenshot below, it showcase the secret message.

Bloodborne Secret Message Screenshot 1

Bloodborne Secret Message Screenshot 2

Whether this is indeed a secret text "Will Be Blessed With Child" hinting towards a sequel Bloodborne 2 or is just a simple bug deliberately left out by From Software, only they can answer. Tell us in the comment section below, what do you guys think?

In our Bloodborne Review, we awarded it an excellent review score of 9/10 and termed it as "Bloodborne PS4 Review: It's A Game To Be Played, An Experience To Be Lived"

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