Civilization V First Patch Update Released

Today 2k Games released the first patch update for their brand new title Civilization V. As the info revealed by 2k Games about the patch, this small bug-fix patch takes care of the following issues.

  • Special character fix for Windows usernames: Users with non-english characters in their windows username would experience a game crash. This has been fixed, and a forthcoming fix will address an issue related to this where game victories are not recorded in the Hall of Fame.
  • Default resolution fix for DX9: Some users who have non-standard or below the minimum specification resolutions crashed before starting. Now, the system will change to Windowed mode and start so it does not crash.
  • AI city weighting: AI will not quite as freely offer up their cities when asking for peace.
  • Gold per turn glitch: When agreeing to a deal for anything above 5 gold per turn in exchange for something else (like a luxury), the deal would always only pay 5 gold per turn, regardless of the amount proposed. This has been corrected.

The game should auto-update, unless you have turned off that feature in Steam.

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