FIFA 11 clearly superior to PES 2011 says EA

While Konami waiting to find Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 a major leap in quality, But Electronic Arts believe their upcoming game title FIFA 11 is "clearly superior" in comparision to PES 2011, according to commented  Jens Uwe Intat, Senior European Vice President of Electronic Arts.

Jens Uwe Intat

Here is what Jens Uwe Intat said:

"Over the last couple of years, FIFA has been an excellent performer and we continue to grow market share over Konami" Intat told MCV.

"It also shows that our products do get better - FIFA's Metacritic scores keep going up. We have a clearly superior product over Konami, which we did not have in the last generation".

will be released on October 1, whereas Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will release one day earlier that is on 30 September.

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